Be A Consistent Shooter In Basketball By Adopting This Mindset

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Improve Your Shooting Consistency

A major part of becoming a more consistent shooter in basketball is how you react to missing a shot.

If you miss your first shot in a game, do you struggle to make your next one? Do you find yourself being a streaky or inconsistent shooter?

If so, don't worry, as frustrating as it may be you don't have to be stuck that way forever.

You can improve your consistency (you can also improve your shooting confidence).

To be a more consistent shooter in basketball, you have to improve your mindset. Your mindset is the key.

Of course, you have to have good form and be a good shooter to an extent, but the right shooting mindset is often the missing piece for shooters.

The mindset you have whenever you miss a shot (how you react to missing a shot) plays a massive role in how well you shoot the rest of the game. 

And the good news is, you can rewire your mindset. So if you want to rewire your mindset to help you shoot more consistently, you can.

You just have to be aware of the thoughts and beliefs that you want to have so that you can be more consistent, otherwise known as what I call, "The Missed Shot Mindset."

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1. Flush It

The first aspect of the Missed Shot Mindset is to "flush away" misses. Anytime you miss a shot, just flush it away. Which means let it go. Forget about it.

Inconsistent shooters let misses linger. They keep thinking about a previous miss long after it's happened. That frustration has a negative impact on their next shot.

Consistent shooters let misses go. After a miss, they aren't thinking about it anymore. They may get frustrated, but then they let that frustration go quickly so that it doesn't linger or negatively affect their next shot.

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2. Be Even More Confident

The second part of a consistent shooter's mindset has to do with confidence.

When you miss a shot, you have two choices. You can either lose confidence from missing a shot. Or you can choose to be unaffected. You can choose to stay confident. 

It really is a choice. A lot of the times, shooters make this choice subconsciously. They lose confidence without even really knowing it. 

But when you become aware of this choice, you can consciously choose to stay confident no matter how many times you miss.

"I missed? That's ok. I'll make the next one." This attitude will keep you confident and it will improve your chances of making your next shot.

The other part of this is, not only do consistent shooters stay confident after missing a shot, the elite shooters get even more confident after a miss.

"I missed? Well, now my chances of making my next shot are even higher." Consistent, confident shooters have this mindset because they know that they can shoot at a high percentage.

So if they miss a shot, well, their percentage is going to even out in the long run. Which means the chances of making that next shot are even higher.

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3. Stay Present

The final part of the Missed Shot Mindset is to stay present.

After missing a shot, it's easy to let that miss linger. When shooting your next shot, you are better able to make it if you aren't thinking about the past. Which means not thinking about a shot you just missed or how many shots you've missed that game. 

It also means not thinking about the future or any hypothetical situations should you miss your next shot.

The key is to stay present, stay in the moment and just focus on your next shot, one shot at a time, and not get distracted or caught up by thoughts of the past or future.

This is the mindset you want to have when shooting. This mindset will help you move on quickly from any misses and shift your focus onto your next shot. And by doing this, you'll make your next shot more often.

Increase your shooting consistency in basketball with these mindset tips that will help you stay confident after a miss. 

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Shoot More Consistently In Basketball


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