Increase Shooting Confidence in Basketball: 3 Things You Must Do

basketball mindset shooting tips Apr 28, 2021
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The Importance of Shooting Confidence

Shooting confidence is a crucial aspect of a basketball player's mindset. When you have confidence in your shooting abilities, it acts like a multiplier boost for your accuracy and consistency.

Do you struggle with your confidence as a jump shooter?

Do you find yourself hesitant? Afraid to take certain shots? Lacking belief in yourself?

Well, I have good news. You aren't born either a confident shooter or unconfident shooter. You can work on your shooting confidence and improve it, just like any other basketball skill. 

I used to struggle with my shooting confidence too. I used to have doubt, fear, and hesitation when it came to jump shooting.

But little did I know, the negative thoughts I was having about my jumper were actually affecting my shots. Those doubtful thoughts decreased my chances of making a shot.

When I learned this, I completely flipped the switch in my mind. I started to think more confidently, even if I didn't truly feel that way at the time. If a doubtful thought popped into my head, I'd immediately replace it with a confident one.

And what I started to notice was by doing this, I started to shoot better. My shooting percentage went way up and so did my consistency. I even ended up making 13 3's in a game once with my new confidence. 

Today, I'm going to share 3 tips with you that really helped me increase my shooting confidence. I will teach you exactly how to gain more confidence in your jump shot.

By using these tips, you'll no longer be affected by missed shots. You'll learn how to be fearless on the court. You'll also be more confidence in pressure situations.

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Tip #1 - Adopt the Confident Mindset

To be a more confident shooter, you have to think like one. Learn how confident shooters think and then consciously think these thoughts while shooting. Even if it feels uncomfortable.

Here are some thoughts and beliefs that confident shooters share in common:

  • believe every shot is going in
  • remain confident even after missing a shot
  • have no fear about missing a shot
  • want to take clutch/pressure shots

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Tip #2 - Shoot Lots of Shots

Another way to increase your shooting confidence is to take lots of shots every day. Not only will you improve your shooting skills through repetition, but you'll start to believe in yourself more and feel like you deserve to be a great shooter too.

If you shoot hundreds of shots everyday, why wouldn't you start to feel more confident? It comes as a by-product of all that work. "Of course I feel confident in my shooting, I've been working hard everyday."

Confidence comes from preparation and hard work. 

I suggest making at least 100-150 shots everyday in order to increase shooting confidence. And that's the bare minimum. 250 is even better. 500 is best if you have the time.

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Tip #3 - Track Your Makes

My third tip for increasing your shooting confidence is to track your progress.

Each workout, write down how many shots you made. I think tracking your makes is more important than anything, but if you'd like, you can also track how many shots you took too if you want to see your shooting percentage.  

By writing down how many shots you're making each day, you'll have physical evidence of the work you're putting in. You'll have tangible evidence of your improvements. When you're able to look at your progress and how much better you're shooting over time, you'll boost your confidence in your shooting abilities.

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3 Tips to Increase Your Shooting Confidence


 In this video:

  • the confident mindset
  • the importance of repetition
  • why you should track every shot you take

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