21 Basketball Affirmations to Increase Your Shooting Confidence

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Shoot with more confidence by reading these affirmations everyday.

Affirmations for basketball players are a quick and easy way to improve your shooting confidence and should be a part of every player's routine. 

They're so easy to use, it almost feels like a cheat code to becoming a better shooter because of how powerful and effective they are.

If you want to improve your shooting confidence then keep reading to learn what affirmations are, how to use them, and see a list of affirmations you can use before a game or workout to program your mind for shooting success.

You can also listen to the affirmations with this guided meditation >>


What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are powerful, positive statements that are used to program your subconscious mind to think a certain way. Affirmations help you to actually rewire your brain and reprogram your mindset into the mindset that you ultimately desire.

If you want to become a more confident shooter or a more clutch shooter, then affirmations can help you reprogram your mind in order to achieve these things. 

The key with affirmations is, even though they describe the mindset that you desire, they are worded like you already have that mindset. You speak as if you already are an ultimately confident shooter.

So you repeat these statements over and over again and eventually you hear them so many times that they get ingrained in your brain. You start to really believe that they are true. You trick your brain into thinking that they’re true, and your mindset starts to change. You start shooting with more confidence, you start shooting better under pressure.

By stating your affirmations as fact, and by repeating them over and over again, eventually you really start to believe what you're saying. And you take on the mindset that you desire.

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How to Use Affirmations

1. Read them or listen to them

You can read your affirmations to yourself (aloud is best) or you can listen to them in a guided meditation/self-hypnosis.

2. Use them multiple times a day for maximum effect

Read or listen to your affirmations before your game, before practice, before a training session, before bed, right when you wake up, on the bus to the game, in the locker room. Any chance you get. 

The more you use them, the quicker your mindset will transform.

3. Keep them positive, keep them present

When creating your affirmations, the key is to keep the statements positive and to use the present tense whenever you can.

"I am a confident shooter." 

"I am a clutch shooter."

"I am improving everyday."

As opposed to "I will become confident." "I will be clutch one day." "I will improve."

Affirmations are more powerful when you use the present tense because then you are stating them like they are already true. There will certainly be some scenarios where you have to use the future tense but whenever possible, use the present tense when constructing your affirmations. 

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21 Affirmations to Increase Shooting Confidence

Below are 21 affirmations that you can repeat to yourself everyday. Use them before a game, practice, or shooting workout. State these affirmations with 100% confidence. Say each one like they are the truest thing you've ever said. Know them to be true.

If instead you'd like to listen to the affirmations in a guided meditation format, you can click the video above. 

21 Shooting Confidence Affirmations:

  1. I am a great shooter.

  2.  I deserve to be a great shooter.

  3.  I've worked hard to become the shooter that I am.

  4.  Each day that I work on my jumper, I gain even more confidence.

  5.  I have full trust in my shooting ability.

  6.  I have full confidence in my shooting ability.

  7.  I shoot with zero hesitation.

  8.  I am not afraid to miss.

  9.  I am not embarrassed by a missed shot.

  10.  One missed shot does not define me.

  11.  If I do miss a shot my confidence is unaffected.

  12.  If I miss, the chances of making my next shot are even higher.

  13.  I can get out of any shooting slump.

  14.  I can make any shot from anywhere on the court.

  15.  I have unlimited range.

  16.  I believe that every shot I take is going in.

  17.  I deserve to make every shot I take.

  18.  I am a great shooter and I am getting better everyday.

  19.  I trust my form.

  20.  I do not overthink when I shoot. I let my muscle memory take over.

  21.  I am grateful for my ability to shoot a basketball.

The more you repeat these affirmations, the more effective they will be, and the faster you will improve your shooting confidence.  

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