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The top CP3 quotes:

Chris Paul is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

CP3 is widely regarded as one of the best point guards in the NBA.

Paul played at Wake Forest University before being drafted fourth overall by the New Orleans Hornets. He has also played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Phoenix Suns.

Paul is known for his exceptional court vision, passing, ball-handling, mid-range game, and leadership on the court.

He has a high basketball IQ and is ultra-competitive on the court. He has been selected as an NBA All-Star twelve times and he's led the NBA in assists per game and steals per game multiple times. 

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Chris Paul Basketball Quotes

1. "I can dunk! I can dunk, and not just in NBA Live."



2. "I try to penetrate the lane like Steve Nash, pass like Jason Kidd, and handle the ball like Allen Iverson. Remember, I said 'try to'."

3. "I've been fortunate to be short my entire life. There's only one position I've ever had to play, and that's point guard. So I've always had to be that leader. And that was my job: you know, to talk."

4. "Exercise and good nutrition helped make me what I am today and are critical in allowing me stay on top of my game."

5. "I’m not the greatest long-distance shooter, I know that. But I know if I can get around that free-throw line area, a lot of times you’ve just got to hope I miss."

6. "It’s a business now. But you still have little butterflies in your stomach before every game."



7. "Some people say my competitiveness is the best thing about me and the worst thing about me but at the end of the day, it's who I am."

8. "I've always been vertically challenged. I never grew at all until my junior year of high school-if you call that growing."

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Chris Paul Quotes On Work Ethic

9. "I'm a little brother. I've always been small. People have said I have a Napoleon complex. But I've always had to fight for everything that I have."

10. "Every now and then you’re going to get beaten, but we work hard."



11. "Keep practicing. Never let someone tell you you’re too small or too slow."

12. "What I really try to do is take different pages out of different players books."

13. "I really appreciate coaches who challenge me."

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CP3 Success And Winning Quotes

14. "I play basketball to win a championship. That championship is everything to me. And that's what gets people to buy in to your brand - being a winner."

15. "In everything I've done, I always just hated to lose more than I like to win."

16. "You only get a chance to live your dream once, and I’m living mine right now."



17. "Whatever I have to do to help us win, I’ll do."

18. "Being close ain't good enough."

19. "I’ve been a winner my whole life."

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Chris Paul Quotes About Life

20. "I always have said that the most valuable thing I have isn't money; it's my time."

21. "You don't always have to be a leader and be as vocal as I am. I'm sure some people would love it if I didn't talk as much as I did."

22. "I love people. I hate to be by myself."

23. "One of the things you learn when you go overseas is how much a lot of the countries overseas really just like to enjoy life."



24. "You're not always gonna be a saint, you're not always gonna be right, because you gotta be who you are."

25. "For me, it’s all about who you are. Some athletes may feel a responsibility. Some may not. One thing I’ve talked with my family and team about is doing more. Trying to make an impact."

26. "That’s the great thing about big cities: Nobody is judging. You really get a chance to show who you are with your style."

27. On handling critics: "People are always gonna say something. They're gonna try to have some type of narrative or whatnot. But as long as you know what's real, I think that's what can help you keep your sanity."

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CP3 On Family

28. "Most of the time, if you ask a kid who's their best friend, it's usually a classmate or their neighbor or something, but for me, it was my granddad. Everybody knew him - they called him Mr. Jones."

29. "Family was real important in putting me on my path. I'm so blessed to come from a home with a mother and a father."



30. "If my son is happy, then I am happy."

31. "Even today a lot of people know me because of my grandfather."

32. "I need energy every day. Whether I'm leaving home and going to practice or getting in the car with my two kids to take my son to school - I need all the energy I can get."

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Other Chris Paul Quotes

33. "I trust my wife more than I trust myself."

34. "No matter where you put me, I don't care if it is North Carolina, Florida, California, New York City; I'm going to be who I am."

35. "Being from North Carolina, it's kind of slow-paced. There's not too much going on there, whereas in New Orleans, there's always something going on. I just love all the people, going out to dinner and enjoying anything I want."

36. "I have a Dominique Wilkins Hawks jersey that I still wear. That's probably my favorite one. What's funny is that I spend all this time collecting jerseys, and now people are out there collecting mine."

37. "I don't care what anybody says, there's nothing like the cultural influence of hip-hop. For me, hip-hop culture is involved in everything - it's in me, in who I am, in how I dress, how I talk. It's in my son and my wife."

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