Shooting Mindset Ultimate Guide

Increase your confidence, consistency, and percentage by rewiring your shooting mindset

What you get:

  • Shooting Mindset Ultimate Guide (13-page downloadable PDF)

Master your shooting mindset:

  • Shooting confidence tips and motivation including where to draw your confidence from and how to increase it
  • Pre-shot, positive self-talk - your thoughts and beliefs before you shoot greatly impact your chances of making your shot
  • While shooting - the state of your mind while you shoot is crucial to shooting at a higher percentage
  • Post-shot mindset - this is the key to being more consistent. Don't let a missed shot affect your next one. 
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What People Are Saying:

As a former NCAA Coach, my experience with Basketball Mindset Training has been transformative. I highly recommend it to any athlete looking to elevate their game and mental toughness.

- Coach Adam T.

Anyone who truly embraces the power of this platform will not just become a better basketball player, but also a better human being.

- Leo. O

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Accelerate Your Shooting Mindset Growth:

Speed up your shooting improvement by supplementing with shooting-specific guided meditations found in the Meditation Vault

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"Demetri's meditations have helped me relax and control myself more during games and practice! He'll definitely help you improve your mental game as well!" - Chase M.