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Your 3 Mental Training Resources:

Do You Fear Failure? How It May Be Hurting Your Game

(video lesson)

Having an underlying fear of failing can prevent you from playing your best.  Learn how to be a more fearless player (with a few nuggets of wisdom from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan).

Post-Game Gratitude Routine

(written guide)

Mentally process basketball games in a healthy and beneficial way with this quick post-game routine.

Shooting Mindset Tips: Staying Confident After A Miss

(video lesson)

The key to being a more consistent shooter is to not be affected by a missed shot. Elite shooters don't just stay confident after a miss, they feel even more confident.

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When you signup, we'll also send you free basketball mindset tips weekly. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Adam T.


Joining Basketball Mindset Training has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has not only enhanced my abilities on the court but has also instilled in me a powerful mindset that benefits all areas of my life. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone looking to elevate their game and unlock their full potential.

Leo O.


Basketball Mindset Training is an amazing tool on how to tap into the most undervalued element of athletic greatness - mental resilience. However, anyone who truly embraces the power of this platform will not just become a better basketball player, but also a better human being.

mindset trainer demetri zanikos

About Demetri

Demetri is a mindset trainer who specializes in the mental aspect of basketball performance.

He teaches players how to evolve into the best version of themselves by improving their mindset. 

His passion for mental performance grew when he noticed a massive transformation in his own game after improving his mindset.

Demetri has had a passion for basketball since he was a kid and he is on a never-ending quest to constantly evolve as a basketball player and as a teacher of the game.